Powder Coatings

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Powder Coating Services at Top Shelf II

Powder coatings are a durable and cost effective way to add new color while providing chip and scratch resistance to your vehicle’s wheels, rims, suspension pieces, and other parts.

Powder Coating v Painting for your rims

Painting your rims will only provide a temporary surface treatment solution. Here are some reasons why powder coatings are better than painting:

  • Paint is susceptible to chipping
  • Paint is not durable
  • Road conditions cause premature corrosion
  • Paint is short time solution
  • Paint is hard to offer total coverage on some complex rims
  • Paint is not cost efficient

Powder Coating Colors

Powder coatings come in all different colors such as black, white, silver, red, yellow, gold, orange, and many more. You can choose from hundreds of colors and shades. We will help you find your preferred color.

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Benefits of Powder Coating Your Wheels

Powder coatings save you the cost of replacing your rims when the old ones start to look worn. Powder coatings will make your wheels more durable than painting and they will be resistant to flaking and chipping. The powder coating strongly bonds to the metallic surface of your rims to give them a brand new look.

  • High level of resistance from chipping, flaking, or corrosion caused by debris, salt, road grime, and other elements.
  • Improved durability through the use of high temperatures on your rims to make the coating fuse tightly with the rim, adding an advanced level of durability.
  • Environmentally friendly because the process emit any harmful VOC’s like some automotive paint does.
  • Better overall coverage because unlike regular paint, powder coatings can be applied on any design of rim regardless of any intricacies they might have.
  • Cost-efficient due to the fact that even though the initial cost of powder coating is comparable to painting, the long-term durability will save you money over time.
  • Quick turnaround because instead of the weeks it takes to achieve maximum durablity with paint, powder coatings take just minutes.
  • Works with any metal so powder coatings can be applied to all metal materials including brass, steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.